Thursday, May 6, 2010

Campanha Rio-Niteroi: Eu Me Importo

Hello, everyone! Quick update...We are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Rio de Janeiro. On Monday, April 5th, Rio received the heaviest rains it has seen in four decades. This downpour lasted for a few days and caused lots of flooding and mudslides. The people most devastated by this were those who live in the hillside slums, or favelas. Favelas are basically shanty towns built out of wood, garbage, and anything else they can find. Many of these homes were completely demolished as a result of the mudslides. Our team (Mark, Ali, Barbara, Carioca, and I) will be joining a team in Rio to distribute aid to the victims, gather information for a census study, and participate in evangelistic activities. We have been collecting donations for a few weeks and watched four pallets of donations roll away to Rio on an 18-wheeler this morning. Please be praying for our safety as we travel and that we are able to be used as the hands and feet of Jesus on this trip.

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